“Postcards from Sicily. Take part in a contest and be happy! A journey backwards

 We won the contest and we want to share the creative process of participation and its meaning.

The prize-winner picture Ferite (Wounds) was taken in 2008,  between  Capaci  and Isola delle Femmine (Island of Women), near Punta Raisi Airport (Palermo), since then called “Falcone-Borsellino”.


The “Casina“in the picture is the place from where the hired-killer Giovanni Brusca triggered off the explosive that blew upthe anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his escort. (17:58- 23 May 1992-Km. 5-A29).

The place has become a symbol of redemption and fight against Mafia. The words NO MAFIA written on its wall are the civil message that the association Addiopizzo want to show who land at Palermo airport “Falcone-Borsellino”.

20 years after the massacre, on 23rd May 2012, Addiopizzo Travel members, students and citizens from Capaci and some students from the University of Coventry went there together, on a sort of pilgrimage and repainted the discolored message. In addition two artists made a mural on the adjacent wall.

The contest “Postcards from Sicily” is an initiative by Morfosis GiArch Catania in partnership with GiArch KWGroup Catania.

The contest aims to give a fresh view of tourist postcards in relation to the Beauties of Sicily. The objective is to show Sicily in an unconventional way,through the work of  Sicilian professional and /or non-professional photographers and creatives, making new suggestions and re-interpreting its peculiarities in a subjective way, in connection with own personal emotions and experiences.

The prize: Participation in an exhibition organized on the same day by the association to promote the initiative  Morfosis GiArch CataniaA limited edition, which will be available  from 6th to 22ndDecember, at  the 360 TEMPORARY STORE DESIGN, 221 San Giuliano Street, Catania, Sicily.

My personal award?: Clearly recognize the essence of being a  photographer and the value of an approach oriented to social criticism but also to the individual strength and ability to act and react.

“Ferite è natura, è società, è paesaggio integro, ferito dal fenomeno sociale deviato della mafia” (Ornella Fortuna. Www.affascinailtuocuore.com)

My creative process: selection and delivery. How difficult it is to choose…
Phase 1: Landscape and Architecture

I consider 4 photos taken during a first trip to West Sicily (Palermo and Trapani. Summer 2008) and during a second one to East Sicily (Catania and Messina, September 2012) on the occasion of a Architecture-Poetry and Photography Seminar about the Simeto Landscape, in the Etnean territory (Catania).

I travel with my living experience in Andalusia, Seville since 2004.

I travel with my heritage’s studies as an architect who observes the cityscape. At the same time I live the experience of an “artist” citizen challenged by the community initiatives on the  daily management of the city, their relationships and their eco-social struggles.

I travel with a few reflections in my mind about “the cultural stereotypes”,which I’m learning to recognize, accept and transform. Generalizing here you are some, respectively, from the perspectives of Italy and Spain: Spain Toros and Olé, Sicilia Mafia, Italy Pope and Berlusconi.

During some conversations about cultural stereotypes they sometimes become violent. They are sensitive issues, but also constructive, if we are willing wear new glasses…

I search in my personal imagination and I transform it into collective memory of the childhood landscape of a village festival on the slopes of Etna, an otto band and the procession of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

dragoni e tromboni. Belpasso_Paes

Dragoni e tromboni. Belpasso Etneo.Catania.2012

Or the 50’s landscape lived by a kid on crutches, playing the ball between the decadent streets of Palermo.  This is a way to imagine Sicily, and Italy too, like a black and white neo-realistic film.

in piedi giocando_Palermo. Paes

I In Piedi giocando_Palermo . 2008

But then we move on to the Prefecture and Regional Government Offices of Messina and we meet a platinum blonde posing in front of the powerful Nettuno blessing City with its rich sea; at his feet the monsters Scilla e Cariddi (Allegory of physical and moral city’s force, taming adversities). And we thought about Berlusconi… and the Spanish indignados... and we chose the title: The Sweet Life.

prohibido el acceso_Messina_Arq

La dolce vita. Messina. 2012

Phase II: Couples

So we associate the Landscape of Dragoni e Tromboni to the architecture of La dolce vita; an the strength of the everyday game in the city to the west coast Sicilian landscape and its wounded hillsides, on the way to the Airport Punta Raisi,  at the height of Capaci, a place of slaughter and redemption.

Phase III: Delivery

We select the second couple, the strength against Mafia and we sent the application form .

Phase IV: …Are we going to participate in the Opening? 🙂 







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