The world beats in me. YAFAELA Music

Libby, Heart in Hebrew, is the title single from the new album by Israeli artist
Yafaela Meziana.

LIBBY. First single from the upcoming album. 2021  * Lyrics, composition, vocals, claps: YAFAELA * Musical production: OR RAVEH (Dubtazer) and YAFAELA  * Photo: Stefania Scamardi Fortuna @scamardistudio

I don’t have to look outside

the whole world beats in me.

I don’t have to run after anything

the whole world beats in me.

A Musicante
who investigates the body of the voice and the mind.

Shooting Yafaelamusic. Jardínes del Guadalquivir. Sevilla. Nov. 2021 Photos: Scamardi

Yafaela is a holistic creator, she hesitates when she has to define herself. We are creative beings, but, where do we create from? She creates music from the very deep and everyday mood, from the blockages that coexist with us in our daily lives, investigating their influence on our creative processes.

Teaching, composing, being a mother and a woman, a citizen, the search is always within me.

El disco

Libby is my daughter’s middle name – Nur Libby – and it means Heart in Hebrew.
I want to transmit certain things to her, the most relevant and pure things about her, so that she can walk in this noising world without forgetting that we are perfect beings and we don’t need anything from the outside.

All of Libby‘s songs were born from beats – percussions, drums, pregnancy – a lot of body, a lot of feminine energies and a language for her daughter. Songs whose composition fuses and mixes electronic bits and middle-eastern harmonies.

An album and a daily life focused on the search for our own powers and the ability to carry things through.


Shooting Yafaelamusic. Jardínes del Guadalquivir. Sevilla. Nov. 2021 Photos: Scamardi

Shooting Yafaelamusic. Jardínes del Guadalquivir. Sevilla. Nov. 2021 Ph:Scamardi

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